SaaS Trends 2024: Everything You Need to Know and More

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If you asked ChatGPT about SaaS in 2024 it would probably tell you that the everchanging SaaS landscape is embarking on a new journey full of cutting-edge technology and trends you need to unlock.

And truth be told... Chat is not wrong!

I know we all get a stroke trying to read his writing, but the man...I mean...the chat is mostly right.

The SaaS industry is expanding fast. Industry experts predict that in 2024, its revenue growth will reach $317.55 billion. By 2032 SaaS market growth will reach $1,228.87 billion. These numbers can only go up through the years.

Therefore, the global SaaS market is getting bigger by the day. This is thanks to scalable, innovative, effective, and easily integrated SaaS solutions used by individuals and companies everywhere.

Statistics show that on average companies use 110 SaaS tools. This number can only increase as time goes by. Heck, we even have SaaS tools for managing other SaaS tools.

This is why every SaaS business needs to keep up with the newest trends in SaaS in 2024 to stay competitive.

To help you stay relevant, in this article, we'll give you a rundown of some of the emerging SaaS trends 2024.

If you want to keep growing your business you should keep an eye on these top SaaS trends.

The current state of the SaaS industry

In the last decade, the SaaS industry has grown 500%. At that rate, we can only expect that in the future SaaS market growth will exceed all expectations.

Experts say that by 2025, 85% of business applications will be SaaS apps. This means all workplaces will be SaaS-powered. On top of that, most people use SaaS every day in their private lives.

So the current state of SaaS is looking good. If you act now and use this to your advantage, your SaaS can grow with the market. You only have to follow what's in and what's out. That way you can appeal to users better.

Still, most SaaS startups don't use trends to their advantage. This is because they don't keep up with what's going on around them.

Cloud sketch with question marks

If you are dismissing trends in SaaS and looking at them as trends in fashion, you are wrong.

Following trends in SaaS can only help you move forward.

These are some of the main benefits and reasons why your SaaS startup should follow trends:

  • Scaling faster

  • Profiting more

  • Building solutions faster

  • Increasing ROI

  • Attracting more users

  • Improving user retention and customer loyalty

  • Staying relevant

  • Gaining competitive advantage

  • Adjusting better to customer needs

  • Improving operational efficiency

If you want all these benefits but don't want to research what's trending now we have a list of 15 top SaaS industry trends for you to follow this year.

1. AI-powered SaaS

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Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence is taking over IT. Machine learning is one of the most popular topics online right now.

With the rise of chatbots and virtual assistants, people use AI daily. This is why SaaS companies like Canva, Slack, Snapchat, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many others have added AI features to their SaaS products.

SaaS startups should ride this wave and use this trend to their advantage. With AI SaaS tools you can scale faster and profit in niche markets better.

People are excited to try and use products integrated with artificial intelligence. The average non-tech user is fascinated by technological advancements and wants to be the first to have, use, and buy new products.

This is why the use of artificial intelligence is one of the top SaaS trends in 2024.

However, it's hard to find experts in this area as it’s still relatively new. This is where comes in. As an experienced software agency that’s implementing the latest innovations, we can transform your product into a trendy solution that is here to stay.

2. Vertical SaaS

Vertical SaaS solutions are products customized for specific industries. They are made for a more narrow targeted audience, unlike horizontal SaaS solutions made for wider audiences across industries.

A great example of a vertical SaaS is Veeva, a provider of industry-specific cloud-based solutions.

What makes vertical SaaS platforms so great in 2024 is their customized approach. They provide relevant solutions for their users. This way users feel understood and they are more likely to purchase products without hesitation.

With vertical SaaS conversion rates and ROI are higher. The customer acquisition costs are smaller since customer retention is easier. This means faster scalability and better performance in the SaaS market.

That's why every first-time SaaS founder should consider vertical SaaS, as a better and more secure choice for faster scalability and better profit.

3. SaaS security

Phone that shows VPN and protected messages with a green shield

Cyberattacks and data breaches were common in 2023. Users became warry and scared for their personal information. This is why many stopped using SaaS solutions that were once their go-to platforms, like WhatsApp.

Because of this in 2024, SaaS companies need to maintain trust by improving security.

Robust security measures don't have to be complicated. One way to do this is by using automation tools that act as soon as a problem occurs.

Automation is a great solution for teams that struggle with maintaining SaaS security.

With automated security tools, you and your users can be sure that everything is running smoothly.

4. White label SaaS

White label SaaS is a ready-made software product that can be purchased, modified, and resold as your own.

This trend allows businesses to step on the market and offer a new product without an IT team. No need for hiring, administration, or in-house software development. The product waits for you.

Once you purchase it you can customize it as you like or resell it. This means you can deliver new SaaS tools to your users every day without spending a second on software development.

White labeling is becoming more and more popular as it allows anyone to own software.

It presents a great opportunity for anyone to get ahead in the market and grow faster.

Launching has never been easier.

5. Data as a Service (DaaS)

Laptop with stats

DaaS, short for Data as a Service, refers to cloud-based software designed for data collection, storage, integration, and analytics. These cloud-based solutions help companies with data-driven decision-making.

The market for DaaS has been growing fast since COVID-19 and analysts predict it will reach $56.85 bn during 2023–2027.

DaaS is very popular because it reduces time and costs while increasing the quality and reliability of data. Companies don't have to spend additional time and money to set up data tools and process collected information. Business operations are improved and users can access information no matter where they are.

DaaS is especially popular in blockchain technology. This industry relies a lot on predictive analytics so DaaS presents a great solution for data management.

With the help of DaaS data is easily managed and accessed. This is why this trend will only grow in 2024.

6. SaaS superapps

Man in a white shirt using a phone

A superapp is a special type of application that gives access to independently created miniapps while providing core features. There isn't a separate app store or marketplace for miniapps so they can only be used within superapps, but can always be removed by users.

Superapps give a personalized user experience based on real user needs and preferences.

SaaS superapps are usually created to combine services, features, and functions of different mobile apps into a single one. This way everything is in one place and a click away. Users can even pick which miniapps they want to use. So the experience is customized in every way.

Because of their customer-centric approach, SaaS superappps gain more and more popularity every day. They are not just a trend, but here to stay.

7. No-code/Low-code SaaS

Lines of code

Imagine if you could create an app without software engineers. Or a tailored solution without any prior experience in SaaS development.

It might be hard to imagine but it is very real. This is one of the key trends in 2024 so far.

So how does it work?

Low-code SaaS platforms are developed without complex engineering. UI templates and pre-built components are used for the app development process. No-code development goes a step further and requires no coding at all.

Even though this sounds great and tempting it has its downside. Most SaaS solutions require code because they solve complex problems. Also, if you use pre-built templates there is no room for customization. This means your product won't be scalable and you can't update it according to user feedback and market changes. As a result, you might save some money on development but you will lose profit.

However, this trend presents a great opportunity for those who are not tech-savvy or don't want to hire professionals to build a simple solution. But low-code also means low profit, because these solutions can be built by anyone. This is why this trend is great if you want a simple product out fast to test the market waters.

8. API connections

The API (Application Programming Interface) is not a new SaaS trend as much as it is a trend most SaaS companies are following this year. API connections allow integration and data exchange between different software applications.

In today's business world, the need for integration is huge, and it is no longer only optional but mandatory.

Imagine that you can't decide between two solutions. One is hundred times better but it can't be integrated with any of the tools you already use. The other one can be easily integrated but it's not so great. Even though the first one might be better, because of integration, you will have to choose the second one.

SaaS providers are becoming more aware of this and are trying to keep up.

Businesses want to use SaaS solutions with existing infrastructure to improve their internal systems. This is why SaaS companies need to think about integration before launching their products.

The SaaS market is very competitive and you need to offer the best possible solution to clients. This means thinking of all their needs with a focus on integration.

9. ESG SaaS initiative

Wooden footprint that says "Only leave your footprints"

Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) initiatives are taking over the business world.

Environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, and initiatives for social improvement in general are becoming mandatory in the business world.

SaaS is no different. "SaaS-tainability" is in.

SaaS businesses need to consider the environmental and social impact they have.

SaaS solutions need to be sustainable. Even though it sounds like an obstacle, these solutions increase profit and at the same time benefit society.

As time passes the laws about sustainability are changing so at some point every solution will have to be sustainable. This is why it's important to join this trend now and make an easier transition.

10. Voice And Conversational UI

A phone with activated Siri

Voice and conversational UI is based on natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technologies. With it, users can interact with digital devices and software solutions through spoken language.

Siri, Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant are great examples of this model.

This SaaS trend was increasingly popular in all industries even before 2024. It makes SaaS applications easier to use and more accessible to people with different disabilities. This is why more and more SaaS companies are realizing its potential and benefits this year. As you should too, because expert say that by 2029 voice recognition tech market will reach $50 billion.

SaaS companies who want to stay relevant in the SaaS market need to incorporate this trend into their products.

11. Micro SaaS

Micro SaaS is a micro version of normal SaaS solutions.

It is a new trend designed for very specific audiences.

The reason it is popular is because of its flexibility, agility, focus on niche markets, and specialization.

Although it might sound simple, micro SaaS is a complex solution built for smaller businesses. It targets a more narrow audience instead of a broader market so it takes more time to develop and optimize.

Micro SaaS is made for a smaller user base. However, this makes it more profitable because it's focused on solving particular problems.

Micro SaaS in 2024 is a great market for those who are entering the SaaS industry for the first time and want to make a break. By catering to a smaller audience and solving simpler problems new SaaS startups can scale faster and sell their solution easier.

12. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS allows businesses to develop customized apps as add-ons to their original services. PaaS software solutions help companies build, test, and launch applications at a competitive pace. This way they can scale faster and stay relevant.

For example, Salesforce and Box recently launched their own PaaS solutions.

But PaaS is not only for bigger companies. It helps smaller startups and new ventures scale faster and easier than ever. This makes it one of the best SaaS trends to follow in 2024 as a first-time founder.

13. Blockchain

Bitcoins as coins

Continuing its growing popularity, one of the top SaaS trends in 2024 is blockchain.

As blockchain technology and the market itself expand, SaaS tools need to keep up.

The rise of Web3 technologies is focused on security more than any other benefit. Users are turning to blockchain solutions because they offer security and transparency. This is why SaaS products based on blockchain technologies have an advantage in the market.

Any SaaS company trying to get ahead in the SaaS industry should ride the blockchain wave and gain a competitive market advantage.

14. Business intelligence

Man on a ladder holding a cloud

SaaS business intelligence or SaaS BI for short is a cloud-based model used for analytics to help with internal and external data processing.

BI is great for monitoring the financial status of companies or understanding user behavior. This is why more and more businesses are using BI tools in their work.

Companies struggle with data processing and BI solutions offer flexibility and agility, cut costs, and help you gain a competitive advantage.

All these benefits create a greater demand for SaaS BI tools in 2024. This is why this is one of the SaaS trends that will not disappear quickly.

15. Customer success strategies

Yellow balls with smiley faces

Customer experience determines the success of any SaaS platform.

If your SaaS is hard to use, confusing, or doesn't deliver what it promises you will fail no matter how good your initial idea was.

SaaS products are easily accessible so users can replace you with a few clicks.

This is why retaining customers should be the end goal of all SaaS businesses in 2024.

Also, customer experience is the basis on which SaaS developers build products. Customer needs and customer satisfaction come first. By focusing on existing customers and improving customer success operations you can ensure customer retention.

Customer success is not just a trend, but a wake-up call to all who still disregard customer data.

Only those who invest in customer success can achieve long-term growth.

10 trendy SaaS solutions

Once you learn about these SaaS trends you will see them everywhere.

If you are curious to know who is implementing these trends in 2024, here is a list of 10 SaaS companies you can take notes from:

1. Databricks combining data and AI

2. ClickUp all-in-one integration

3. Lemlist integration-based growth

4. FloQast automation

5. Customer Lab no-code

6. Adalo no-code

7. Truework API based

8. Sumsub security

9. Retool low-code

10. Gusto cloud-based

See a pattern?

Tips for SaaS businesses

If you want to hop on these trends and use them to your advantage here are some tips:

Keep an open mind

Always watch out for new industry trends like the ones mentioned above.

This way you can be at the top of the game. Always ahead and never behind.

But to do so you can't be judgemental, stubborn, and only focused on one thing. Curiosity is important in all areas of life and this applies to business too.

For example, “SaaS-tainability” is a new buzzword in 2024. This is why you should think about implementing ESG initiatives. In order to grow you need to play the game in the long run. This means following the newest trends even if you are not familiar with them.

Invest in innovation

Technological advancement is moving really fast. This means you need to move faster and profit from it.

Of course, don't rush but always be on the lookout for the next big thing.

Innovation is the driving force of society so you have to be up to date with the world. SaaS is an industry of innovation, but many still create products that become outdated in a few years. To succeed you can't rely on short-term profit. Think in the long run.

Always focus on the end user

Even if you get everything wrong if your solution fits the market demand you are set for success. Users only care about their personal experience and if you make it a positive one they will always come back for more.

Prioritize trust

It's very hard to gain users trust. It's even harder to get that trust back once you lose it. This is why you need to be careful. Privacy, security, and compliance should always be on your mind. Users will trust you unless you give them a reason not to. Make sure that never happens.


Sign on the road that points to learingn in all directions

Trends come and go.

SaaS industry trends are changing faster than in any other industry. This doesn't mean you should ignore them.

Following trends is a great way to scale your business fast.

With trends, it's important to be informed so you can make the right decisions at the right moment.

This is why you should watch out for new things coming in 2024. You can earn more by working smarter, not harder.

SaaS companies (especially early-stage startups) should use any market advantage they can.

This means following trends to find what works for you and your user base.

The future is now

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