Developers usually do not understand sales, marketing, and business

Well, we are different.

About Us

brigit. dev is a software engineering and product development agency with a focus on scaling businesses and delivering market-fit solutions.


- Hi, I'm Marijana! CEO and
Founder of

- Hi, I'm Srdjan! CTO and
Founder of


In 2021, the IT world started crumbling. But we… we decided to build our agency.

We took a risk…


We thrived!

Our approach and versatile knowledge helped us navigate the good and the bad.

We’ve completed 15+ projects in different industries and built products used worldwide. 

To improve our business we took time to improve ourselves and learned a lot of lessons along the way. 

Today is going beyond the lines of code and develops products that increase profit and scale businesses.

( So you could say we know a thing or two about SaaS 😉)

It’s all thanks to our experts behind the scenes.

Core Values behaviors

We see every day as an opportunity to turn values into action through our 4 core behaviors.

  1. Building like DEVELOPERS,
    thinking like MARKETERS
  2. Working WITH YOU from day 1
  3. Listening to our real clients
    YOUR END USERS and not you 😉
  4. Turning PRODUCTS into LEADS

Our behavior proves it

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On our Ln profiles we give back by sharing more.

"I give you the insights
to build a product that
sells itself.”

  • Why is PLG important?

  • How to build a profitable SaaS?

  • What is the right pricing plan for your product? What features to develop?

  • How to talk to people and build a community? CEO

Marijana Gligoric

linkedin connections
LinkedIn Profile CEO Linkedin CTO Linkedin

"Sharing technical
frameworks and
engineering lessons
that speed you up.”

  • How to set scalable architecture?

  • What frameworks we use and why you should too?

  • How to build an MVP that fails and what to do with it? CTO

Srdjan Ristanovic

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You can’t make up your mind
You lack in-house expertise
You are not confident in your product
You want the solution to be done fast but right
You are a micromanager
You need a long-term partner
You are looking for the cheapest option
You need someone who will understand the business and sales side of your product

If your answer is YES

Get in touch with us and start today!

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97% Positive Feedback

There’s a reason why our clients work with us for an average of 3 years

CEO and Founder at Rewardly has revolutionized our IT infrastructure.

Collaborating with was a delight! Their exceptional dedication and professionalism were evident from the very beginning. I was impressed with their ability to stay open to different ideas and perspectives while still maintaining a high level of quality in the results they delivered. Highly recommend!

Rudy van Duijvenvoorde

CEO and Founder at Rewardly

Rewardly logo
Founder & CEO at Economia.AI

From the very start, their dedication, expertise, and passion for their work were evident.

Marijana's leadership is nothing short of inspiring. Her deep understanding of our project, combined with her innovative approach, ensures that the whole operation was handled with the utmost precision and creativity. Srdjan complements her perfectly with his keen technical insights and unwavering commitment to quality. Together, they form an unbeatable team that consistently delivers excellent results.

Rodolfo Falletti

Founder & CEO at Economia.AI

Economia.AI logo
CEO at Transformers Community

We were impressed with their true passion and dedication to creating apps that make a difference in the world. delivered the app, which received positive feedback from users who tested it. The app's good UX design and functioning backend contributed to achieving the platform's core purpose. Moreover, the vendor was passionate and dedicated. They also answered the client's queries promptly via email.

Iris Workum

CEO at Transformers Community

Partner and CEO at Bemika Group

They are technology lovers with a business development orientation.

In my 20+ years in tech industry I have rarely come across such a strong & responsible team as the one I had a privilege of doing business with! They have shown a great attention to detail, constructive advice, communication skills and a high level of technical skills during a very dynamic and transparant process!

Milos Despotovic

Partner and CEO at Bemika Group

Founder & CEO - Coffee Talk

Choosing turned out to be the best decision for our project.

With their help, we created the CoffeeTalk platform with an innovative way to improve English conversation through voice messages. Their design was fantastic, and they really thought about the customer journey, not just the features. What really stood out to me was how the team actually cared about our project. Their dedication and support made the whole process not just successful, but truly enjoyable.

Nina Jagodić-Kuridža

Founder & CEO - Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk logo
CEO at

They showed their creativity in every step of our work.

We are building a task management software together and I am very happy with the communication, the ability to think along, creative ideas and the result they has created! Definitely a must for everyone's network and cooperation.

Jimmy Middendorp

CEO at

We can prove that


Rewardly Task Manager

Ex-Google sales expert wanted to boost productivity and increase profit with a single software. The solution was a platform with gamified features. Now, the software helps companies struggling with performance and motivation by turning work into play. Learn how we used gamification to improve motivation with a single SaaS solution.


Estimated value after 6 months




Transformers Community

A visionary therapist from the Netherlands, wanted to create a safe space for everyone. This idea turned into the Transformers Community - social media for mental health. Read more and learn why this platform became the go-to social media for many young people.


App with a solution like this on the market


Oranje Fonds



Two innovation and investment banking experts came up with a brilliant idea – how to make investing and finance more accessible. The solution was a FinTech and EdTech platform for informing and learning with personalized insights into the world of investing and hypothetical portfolios. Read more and learn about gamified features and discover how Economi.AI makes learning about investing fun.


Ecosystem interest


Application with a solution like this on the market


Coffee Talk

A solopreneur teacher wanted to combine her knowledge and the theory of activation of passive knowledge to create an innovative system for learning English. The solution was an EdTech platform for learning English with gamification that is unique on the market. Read more if you want to know how we made learning fun with gamification.


Users in the first two months with zero marketing


Application with a solution like this in its country’s marketplace



Created by experts in the medical field this modern solution helps new parents. BabyFM combines software, hardware, and AI to monitor and record the two most important parameters in early development - temperature and medication. It allows real-time updates that make parents’ lives easier. Read more and learn how we made this unique solution function effortlessly in the homes of users everywhere.


Interest in the community





A blockchain platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Belex makes it easy to fund innovative ideas and discover new opportunities. It combines the best of both worlds for mutual profit. Read more and learn how we use blockchain in our projects.


Blockchain crowdfunding platform

The best

Startup choice


Robin Assistant

A Dutch professor wanted to improve the quality of life for mentally challenged people. The solution was an assistive application connected to the web with AI intended to help users with everyday activities. Read more and learn how we used AI to build an offline-first app connected to a web platform.


Signed up for BETA


Partner hospitals



A businessman wanted to create a space for people to sell clothes and accessories made by smaller businesses. The solution was ReWear - a platform that gives people a chance to explore clothes beyond fast fashion labels. Read more if you want to know how we made smaller brands trendy with customized elements.


Choice by small businesses


Users in first year



Developed for a warehouse company, Primous helps employees and managers reduce the number of repetitive actions and working hours. The software makes warehouse management easy even for those who are less tech savvy. Read more and learn how management systems can be simple but effective.


Saved hours for the employer


Employees using application