The Top IT Outsourcing Services for SaaS Startups

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What if we told you that the only reason you can read this article is because of IT outsourcing? Do you know that the programs you are currently using work because of outsourcing software development?

Research shows that 92% of G2000 companies rely on IT outsourcing. So software solutions we use daily from giants like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Meta depend on outsourcing IT services.

Top software development companies are supporting the everyday lives of clients worldwide.

IT outsourcing companies are the backbone of the online world. They empower businesses all around the world.

Outsourcing IT services in SaaS is a common practice, but many SaaS startups still miss out on this, because they don't know where to start.

This is why we have gathered the top IT outsourcing services for SaaS startups so you can learn how to grow your business.

What does outsourcing IT services mean?

Outsourcing IT services means hiring a service provider like an IT service agency or similar outsourcing firms to help with IT operations.

Depending on your business needs they can help you with software development, infrastructure management, cybersecurity, data management, AI and blockchain integration, and more.

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Outsourcing IT services helps you reach your business objectives and deliver SaaS solutions on time. You also cut costs and increase profit at the same time. With technical support from your outsourcing partner, you can improve SaaS development. This ensures market success and enables business growth.

By outsourcing IT services you get access to technical expertise and experience you might not have in-house. Also, you free up your time to focus on other business processes and project management. This can help you launch faster and gain competitive advantage.

By hiring a service provider, you are following a predictable and scalable path like many big industry names.

You can outsource IT services for a single project, part of business operations, or form a long-lasting partnership. It all depends on your needs.

Who can benefit from outsourcing IT services?

Startups, entrepreneurs, businesses, and even big companies can benefit from outsourcing IT services. If you have an IT department, need efficient software solutions, or want to develop a SaaS product outsourcing IT services is for you.

Instead of hiring software engineers to develop your complex enterprise solutions and spending a lot of money, you can work smarter.

This is why outsourcing IT services to a development company is the best choice. You get custom software development while cutting costs and keeping up with the newest trends in SaaS.

Pros of outsourcing IT services

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  • Gaining access to technical expertise

  • Working smarter and faster

  • Focusing on project management

  • Launching earlier

  • Reducing costs

  • Increasing productivity

  • Working around the clock

  • Getting a custom development strategy

  • Distributing the workload better

  • Peace of mind

If you are not sure which services you need to outsource or even can we got you. Here's a list of the top 10 IT services your SaaS startup can outsource to an IT outsourcing company.

Top 10 IT outsourcing services for SaaS startups

1. MVP software development

We bet you didn't know that many big tech companies started their journeys by hiring a software outsourcing company.

Outsourcing MVP software development proved as the best solution for startups who struggle with managing an in-house team. When you outsource software development services you can launch sooner while ensuring quality.

Software outsourcing services solve most of the problems SaaS startups face at the beginning. Building a scalable and functional MVP is the main one.

By outsourcing software development, you can solve this problem. You will also reduce costs, and speed up the entire process.

Outsourcing companies also provide scalability and flexibility. They help you adapt to market changes.

A custom software development company helps you develop the best SaaS solution for your audience. This way you gain access to technical expertise that are hard to find, like custom software development.

Outsourcing software development ensures your business stays ahead of the curve with an MVP that can turn your product into an industry name.

By partnering with a software outsourcing company, you can focus on business while leaving the software development of your winning MVP to the experts.

2. Mobile app development

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Three in five organizations turn to outsourcing for mobile app development.

As the demand for mobile apps is growing, partnering with a mobile app development company helps you stay up-to-date on the market.

Outsourcing companies provide specialized mobile development services in various industries. So any startup from any niche can benefit from their help.

In-house teams, especially in the early stages of startups, usually struggle to combine intuitive UX with an attractive UI while maintaining software quality. Outsourcing companies already have the experience, tools, and proven frameworks that work to achieve this. So you can have your app up and running in 10 working hours instead of 160.

Furthermore, outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core competencies while they leave application development to professionals.

A good mobile app development company gives you a competitive edge. With a shorter time-to-market period, you can seize market opportunities faster.

3. Web development

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Outsourcing web development and application development services is a common practice in the SaaS industry.

Outsourcing development services offers numerous advantages, like access to professionals skilled in various programming languages and technologies.

An IT outsourcing company can help with functionality, compatibility, developing gamified features, automation, or anything you need faster than most in-house teams. This can improve your project's timeline, and ensure timely delivery of your SaaS product.

By partnering with external teams specialized in web development, startups can efficiently address their website and application needs while focusing on their core operations.

4. Technical support

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Outsourcing technical support for SaaS startups is a sure way to improve customer service while focusing on business.

By partnering with an outsourcing company focused on technical support, startups can address customer queries and resolve technical issues better. This ensures a seamless user experience.

Outsourcing companies have the expertise and resources to handle your support requirements effectively. Outsourcing technical support offers several benefits. Access to teams experienced in troubleshooting software and hardware problems is the main one.

Outsourcing technical support improves customer satisfaction, and operations, and allows you to focus on strategic initiatives.

5. AI integration

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35% of global companies use AI in their business. Over 50% of companies plan to incorporate AI technologies in 2024. This means every SaaS startup should join this trend as soon as possible to stay relevant.

Of course, implementing this technology is not easy. Most startups don't have experience in this area. This is why you should outsource.

Outsourcing AI integration to software outsourcing companies helps SaaS startups with the digital transformation of their products.

An outsourcing company experienced in machine learning and application development, can use the power of AI to drive automation solutions and improve your market value.

Outsourcing AI integration creates a pathway for startups to join the current trends without the need for extensive in-house expertise.

You can integrate AI into existing systems and processes or create a new product with a better customer experience.

6. Blockchain incorporation

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In 2023 blockchain technology market was valued at 17.46 billion dollars. It is expected to grow at an annual rate of 87.7% from 2023 to 2030. SaaS startups should seize this opportunity to increase profit.

Outsourcing blockchain incorporation to service companies is a great way for SaaS startups to embrace this new technology and offer modern solutions. Web3 technologies and web3 apps are the "IT girls" of technology right now in more ways than one (if you know what we mean).

By partnering with software outsourcing companies with experience in blockchain solutions, startups can access these solutions more easily. They can speed up your journey towards blockchain integration. Finding skilled individuals to do the same is harder and more expensive.

Software outsourcing companies have proven ways of implementing blockchain in SaaS. They ensure secure and transparent transactions, improve data integrity, and help you with tight deadlines.

Outsourcing blockchain incorporation to software outsourcing companies allows SaaS startups to stay competitive. It is easier than ever to deliver innovative solutions to your customers with outsourcing.

7. Data security

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Outsourcing data security to specialized software outsourcing companies is a great way to safeguard sensitive information and lower cybersecurity risks.

By outsourcing, startups can improve their digital defenses. This includes data encryption, threat detection, and vulnerability assessments.

Outsourcing data security allows you to prepare and protect your products from evolving threats. It also helps with regulatory requirements. This way you ensure timely detection and response to potential breaches. This is very important, especially when your product is based on blockchain technologies.

Outsourcing security services helps you maintain customer trust by improving the safety and stability of your SaaS product.

8. IT infrastructure

Outsourcing IT infrastructure to specialized IT outsourcing companies is a great way to optimize your operations.

IT infrastructure is the foundation of any SaaS. It keeps your product running. Yet, SaaS startups struggle with it the most when building their product.

Outsourcing companies offer IT infrastructure services, hardware and network management, server maintenance, cloud computing solutions, and anything else you might need.

A stable and strong IT infrastructure ensures optimal performance of your product.

This helps you stay competitive on the market.

9. Maintenance and support

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Outsourcing maintenance and support services is a great way for SaaS startups to ensure good functionality of the product and improve customer support.

You can outsource customer support, system monitoring, troubleshooting, regular maintenance checks, bug fixes, and more. This way you can be sure that your product functions smoothly and your users get the best experience.

Services companies can also create a custom management tool for your SaaS product. So your maintenance processes and operational efficiency are secured.

By making sure that all issues are resolved and minimizing downtime, your overall user experience is better which helps with user retention.

10. Cloud computing

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Outsourcing cloud computing services gives you access to a range of cloud solutions that fit your requirements.

Outsourcing companies offer help with deploying, managing, and optimizing cloud infrastructure. You don't have to worry if your team can manage software development and juggle cloud computing. You save time and money while focusing on core business operations. This way you can use the full potential of cloud computing without having to spend months learning everything about it.

You no longer have to struggle with managing complex infrastructures. An outsourcing service provider will take care of these needs for you.

When should SaaS startups outsource IT services?

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If you are asking this question chances are you might be late...

Outsourcing IT service agencies for startups should be the norm from the beginning.

The stakes are high in the SaaS startup scene and you are dealing with a lot of risk. This is why you should think about hiring outsourcing software development companies as soon as you decide to act on your idea.

Outsourcing firms can speed you up and increase your profit with development services. They are less expensive and bring many benefits. With the right outsourcing partner, you will thrive.

Business process outsourcing allows you to slow down while speeding up.

But... Most SaaS startups wait until they can't ignore the red flags anymore to hire outsourcing companies. This is why 90% of startups FAIL!


Every startup dies. The successful ones aim for this to happen because they turn into something bigger.

If you want to be a phoenix and not a failure here are 13 signs you can't ignore to stay afloat.

Count how many apply to you and find out how behind you are on the market.

13 critical signs you should outsource IT services provider

  • You spend all your money on IT

  • You can't focus on business because you are worrying about software development 24/7

  • The IT department can't keep up with your growth

  • You can't keep up with security and regulatory requirements

  • There are too many problems in the IT department

  • The software engineering department is understaffed and overworked

  • You are pushing deadlines

  • You can't develop your initial idea

  • Certain necessary features for your MVP seem impossible to build

  • Software testing shows too many bugs

  • You are losing investors or facing cuts

  • The development is not fast enough

  • You need a digital transformation for your product or your idea won't fly

What this means?

If none of these apply to you congrats! You need to Google outsourcing companies in your area ASAP. Your startup can go downhill at any moment. You might be out of the woods for now, but at least consider technology consulting or hiring a service provider for development services.

If you are dealing with only 1–4 of these problems you can fix them today by hiring a software outsourcing company. With their help, you can meet your business needs.

If 5–9 of these ring a bell, you need to outsource software development services and hire a software development company right away. This will take your software solutions to a new level. It will also help you get ahead faster and easier.

If you are checking all the boxes you are over a decade behind with the market trends. The only way to save your startup is by hiring some of the top software outsourcing companies, like We are a leading software development company for rising startups.

Wrap up

In conclusion, outsourcing IT solutions is a must if you want to launch faster, improve your product, and stay relevant on the market.

By outsourcing the IT services we mention you will:

  • Lower spending and increase profit

  • Keep up with market demand

  • Improve your products

  • Work less but gain more

  • Scale faster and adapt easily

  • Retain users and keep them satisfied

Don't loose time and start outsourcing your business needs to an IT outsourcing company today!

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