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MedTech management system powered by AI

A Dutch professor wanted to create a platform to help mentally challenged people who struggle with ordinary tasks. The solution was Robin Assistant - an assistive software platform powered by AI. It is used for different types of brain conditions such as autism, down syndrome, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and many more. An intuitive interface with notification systems and alarms guides users through their activities while providing an overview for their caregivers.

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Bemika Software Group





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Challenge 1

The client wanted a SaaS solution powered by AI

Challenge 2

The platform had to be adaptable and function without WiFi

Challenge 3

The platform had to be simple because of the specific user base

Project preview

AI model for personalized progress tracking

The AI model we used learns from users’ interactions with the platform. It changes according to their needs and offers personalized support no matter the user’s condition. They can easily use the platform and navigate daily tasks.

Hybrid mobile app

A mobile application that works on Android and iOS devices connected to a web platform suitable for offline use solved the initial problem and accommodated users’ special needs. This way, users can always access the platform and never miss important tasks. The caregivers on the other hand have the overview of users’ activity.

Simple UI/UX

To make the app user-friendly, we designed a simple and easy-to-use interface. The minimalistic UI/UX makes navigating and understanding the app easier for users. This way they can use it on their own and never miss important tasks.

The Result


Tables in DB


Screens in mobile app for simplicity

The result was an intuitive and simple app that fits users’ special needs with the help of AI. Personalized progress tracking with AI assistance and features like reminders and notifications, suitable for offline use created a customer-centric solution. The AI model made it the first app of its kind on the market that now helps thousands.

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Key Features


This feature presents all the upcoming events and activities so users can keep track and never miss something important.

Step-by-step introduction process

This feature helps users with different activities like making their bed, by walking them through the process. Everything is simplified and customized to users' special needs.

The offline-first approach

The app can function without an internet connection and it backs up all the data. Once the app is back online, all the data syncs, and nothing is lost.

Push and alarm buttons

These features allow users to instantly contact their guardians in case of an emergency.

Notifications and alarms

These features notify users about activities so they don't forget to do something.


Step by Step

Development step 1


This project requested special attention because of its sensitive user base. Understanding the medical side of the story helped us in the process. This is why we took time to research and talk to experts from the medical field to get the full picture during scoping.

Development step 2

UX Research

Understanding the needs of users was crucial. Through UX research we gathered insights into the challenges faced by those with brain conditions. By conducting interviews, surveys, and usability tests, we gained valuable feedback that helped us create a user-centric solution. Based on research we created user personas and a user journey map and flow to illustrate user experience.

Development step 3

Style Guide

Style guide defined typography, iconography, and UI components that aligned with the minimalistic approach. The green color was chosen because of its calming and optimistic qualities to create a comforting atmosphere. Clean lines and rounded components reduce potential stress for users. The UI promotes a sense of tranquility and familiarity while guiding users through their activities with ease.

Development step 4


Incorporating insights from UX research and the style guide through design turned the idea into a soothing interface. The design focused on simplicity, clarity, and easy navigation. We paid attention to the unique needs of our users and their caregivers. Design sessions with potential users allowed us to refine the interface until we achieved an optimal user experience. This ensured that nothing could visually upset or confuse the sensitive users.

05Software Architecture and Development

Our development journey revolved around usability and security. The architecture supports the AI model, the mobile application, and integration with the web platform.

An offline-first database is the core of Robin Assistant’s architecture. It is designed to back up data without the internet and allow data synchronization once the app is back online. Users can access information and use the app without an internet connection. This improves accessibility and reliability.

For deployment, we used AWS EC2, as a trusted framework known for its scalability and reliability. This ensured optimal performance and stability.

The alarm manager provides local alarms that help users stay organized and manage their daily routines better. We use the Expo notifications service to send timely alerts and updates to users, ensuring that they stay informed and engaged with the platform. Also, they can alert their guardians and ask for help.

Using the Expo development environment for both iOS and Android platforms, we ensured consistency and efficiency on different devices. This makes the app more accessible and easier to use.

Design and DevelopmentDesign and Development
Development step 6

Testing and Collecting Users' Feedback

Rigorous testing ensured the stability, security, and usability of Robin Assistant. We did various tests, including functional testing, performance testing, and security assessments. Additionally, collecting feedback from real users through beta testing and after launch allowed us to make further improvements.

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Signed up for BETA


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